UP! Contemporary Circus Show

UP! contemporary circus show

Idea & Perfomance: Simone Riccio

UP! is a solo contemporary circus show

An adventurer, a traveler, with a giant wheel and a suitcase.

He itches with the desire to share, to learn from one an other, charming people he meets with his enthusiasm and embodying the child-like wonder and innocence in all of us.

Whirling skillfully with the wheel, acrobatics, dance and juggling melt together with strong musicality to bring the audience into his extraordinary world.

“UP! Is an emotional uplifting rollercoaster”

“A genuine, poetic and delightfully funny character, he thrilled us throughout the show”

N.B. “This latest version of this show comes out from different stages of creation, in cooperation with the external eyes of artists that have shared with me passions and opinions, and is also the result of all the feedback I’ve received from the audience through their emotions during the past 5 years” The artist, Simone

UP is a show that can easily travel by plane and it is suitable for all ages